Living in Umbria are here to help you save time. We can start the search for your Italian home in Umbria even before you arrive in Italy.

After you make contact with us we will begin the process of understanding exactly what your requirement for property in Umbria is. We can then discuss your budget and advise you on exactly the kind of property this will allow you to buy. Once this is agreed we will then begin to organize a bespoke viewing itinerary especially for you.

Viewing property should be an enjoyable experience and we feel it is just as important that you get to see some of the local towns and attractions at the same time.  We can organize your accommodation here in Umbria to allow you to get the most out of your stay.  Once you arrive Living in Umbria will accompany you on all the property viewings.

Our personalized service will guide you through every stage of the buying process.  We will:

·  Arrange a complete legal service comprising surveyors and notaries.

·  Put you in touch with a mortgage advisor.

·  Help you open an Italian Bank account and apply for an Italian ‘codice fiscale’ which are needed to buy property in Italy.

Once you have returned home, we will keep in regular contact with you, updating you on all developments on the purchase of your property.


Security Checks

 Living in Umbria act as key-holders on your behalf so we can:

·  Inspect your property and email you a report with photos on a regular basis.

·  Resolve any problems that might arise such as water/gas leaks or power cuts.

·  Order gas bottles and wood etc when needed.


Management of Holiday Rental

We will be the local contacts for your guests and tailor our services to your needs, for example:

·  Arrange airport transfers.

·  Meet, greet and hand over keys.

·  Organise welcome packs of local produce.

· Fill in the C-59 form.

· Check the property after your guests leave and let you know if we find any damage.


General Maintenance

Gardens can quickly get out of control, swimming pools need looking after and occasionally things can go wrong so we can help by:

·  Cutting your grass.

·  Watering your garden or house plants.

·  Open and close the pool for the season.

·  Clean and add required chemicals to the pool.

·  Make sure its ready for visits.

·  Call a local tradesman if something needs fixing.

·  Arrange for painting and decorating.


House Cleaning

A full bespoke service is offered to meet any requirements:

·  Cleaning and reset services for rental accommodation.

·  Spring clean for owners who don’t want to spend their first day cleaning.


 Post and Paying Bills

Not all companies have a system where you can pay bills on line so we can scan you the invoice for authorisation and payment, which then allows us to:

·  Pay your bills (so you don’t get charged for late payments and risk getting cut off!).

·  Pay your local taxes.

·  Email you with a scanned copy of the receipt.

·  Collect your post and send it to you on a regular basis.


Anything from a small repair job to a complete renovation can be a daunting experience in Italy if you don’t know the ways things work here so Living in Umbria can help by:

·  Contacting and liaising with tried and trusted surveyors, architects any builders.

·   Accompany you to choose tiles and materials.

·   Making sure the right materials and products are delivered on time any installed in the right place.

·   Meeting the professionals at your property and co-ordinate their progress on your behalf.

·    Sending you up to date progress reports (including photos) via email. Then any concerns can be addressed via a Skype call.


When relocating to Italy there a few things you must have in place. Living in Umbria can give you clear advice and help that ensures the process goes smoothly.

Bank Account

You need to have an Italian bank account when you want to buy a house in Italy and also for paying bills and taxes so:

·  We can’t do it for you but we will accompany you when you have to fill in and sign the forms.

·  Help you apply for a cash card and/or credit card if you want one.


Social Security Card

This is called a ‘codice fiscale’ which is required to buy property and numerous other things such as opening a bank account and applying for national health services.

·  Again we can’t do it for you but we can be there with you when you have to fill in and sign the forms.


Utility and Internet Connection

This can be complicated so we will:

·  Fill in the forms for your electricity, gas,  water and refuse collection.

·  If required, visit the office with you or on your behalf.

·  Contact the Internet provider.

·  Meet and liaise with the engineer at your house for any installation/connection work to ensure your instructions are fully met.


Mobile Phone Service

If you’re going to be living or staying in Italy for any length of time it makes sense to get an Italian number so we can:

· Help you go through the jungle of service providers to find out which one is best for you.


 Residency and Health Care Application

This can be complicated and time consuming and we can’t do anything about that but we can:

·  Accompany you to the right offices to get the application submitted.

·  Help you choose and apply for your local GP.


Italian Lessons

Being able to speak Italian is a real must and it helps to make you feel part of the community so:

·  If you don’t know any Italian we can start from the basics.

·  If you know some Italian already we can help you improve it.


Translating and Interpreting

As I am English and have lived and worked in Italy for over 30 years my Italian is pretty good (if not fluent).  Therefore:

·  I can help with any type of translating or interpreting from a business level to a general day to day level.


Moving House

Moving house can be stressful at the best of times but if your going to a foreign country there can be added complications to consider.   We can:

·  Recommend reliable removal companies or transporters from the UK.

· Be there at your house to supervise the unloading if you can’t make it.

· Arrange for additional manpower at your house if you prefer to move yourself.



The tax system is very different in Italy and the yearly Tax Return can be difficult.  All Italians use the services of a commercialista (Accountant).

·  We can put you in contact with English professionals who live and work in Italy and know the system.



Very important but very expensive so we will help you:

·  Get the best quotes for you House, Car and Personal Insurance.


Pet Care

Being pet lovers we know how really important it is that your pets are looked after as well so we can:

· Help you register with a vet.

· Go with you if you need help with translating.

· Help you to get a Pet Passport or get it stamped before you go back to the UK.

· And if your pets can’t go with you we’ll help you settle them into the local kennels or cattery.


Money Exchange Service

We are happy to recommend currency exchange services that have been tried and tested many times.

 ·  Fast, very easy, online transfers.

·  Top exchange rates.

·   English speaking staff should you need to discuss anything.


If you haven’t found what you are looking for here, contact us and we’ll see if we can help!!